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ended up doing some things on the 3rd base

I was in the 7th grade wanting to love somebody and that somebody to love me back. All through that year I would always go to football and basketball games to find somebody and crush on them. Didn't happened... I was shy, maybe to shy. As I was forced to joined the track team, I didn't know what to think if this was going to help me find somebody. Waiting for the 200 dash to be called, one of my friends was talking to this really cute guy just a year older then us. I just randomly talk to him, I thought of him as a friend and I flirt with him foolish. Thinking now I was a silly girl back then. But he flirted back and he seemed like he like me back. BUT one big problem he had a girlfriend at the time and here I am found somebody I liked and had a great time. So.. what do I do, give up on him. Then as another year pasted, I ended up doing a science fair project and I got to a town to complete in, and this town is where this guy is from. As I'm waiting to get judge, I ended up talking to him just as a friend nothing more because I didn't want to like him like the year before. And I heard he just got dumped by his ex the weekend before... so I thought its good to leave him alone and to get over her.
But some how my best friend and her boyfriend had a sursipe for me. I was like hmmm... sounds fishy. I waited for a whole week to figure out who is coming down to see me? Guess what it was him. It was the guy I liked the year before, the guy I talked to the week before. I was upset but then again sursipe, and said maybe this is a chance? But as the night close to end. We had hold hands and cuddle... but he wanted to do something that I wasn't ready for.. a kiss or as for him to make-out. Before he left he gave me a kiss and said see you next week.
I was sick for a whole week just waiting for him to come back down here. But my best friend told me that he found somebody else and then ended up doing some things on the 3rd base. Which they have been together over 2 years now. I was so heart-broken. He just wanted some girl to do. But I learn to take it easy and slowly because if that person doesn't respect you then he isn't right for you at all. And get to know them right good before liking them and thinkin you are going to end up dating.
Right now I have feelings for a guy same age as me and we have lots of things in common. But he lives three hours and I'm willing to take the time to get to know him as the years grow.


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