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dont let them go forever if you no he is the one

back in time , when i run in to art, my life love ;how i always think about' i ran in to 3 times 3 i could have had him back , but because he was told bye someone a girl,i think .say i cheated on him , something i would never do ,i loved him ,i still do god help , will i had to let him no all 3 times a year or 2 or 3 apart i never chested, his wife was a chest , i would have tryed everything to have him and i no we would be together after my first husben the druk who hit ,i should not have whet back to ,he was there we could have had the best live ,i missed that up and then i marred again to a man who can be mean as hell and i would not have if i would have went with him , if he had said i love you ,now i no he did he whated me back dam to go back and be happy, i would do anything, we were best freinds and lovers the best , if i could go back i know we would be happy ,i only pary one day hear or in haven we well be as one like we should have been, my store and yes i cry a lot and i should have went whit he the frist time i seen him in the bar, i was not with my first husben and i had my two kids ,and he had his girl ,it would have been great, i know it, i miss him so much and hope he is ok ,this is all i can say to sad and i pray my husben now dosnt see this , he shows no love , please girls dont do what i did ,dont let them go forever if you no he is the one ,even if it take a little are a 3year time and you no you still love him go for it dam do it at less you well no. you tryed good god try, be happy ,if it dosent work then you well know .


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