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Dont give your all to a person who does not deserve it......

Dont make the same mistakes are only hurting yourself in the long run. Dont give your all to a person who does not deserve it......give it to those who do, those who actually care for you and love you. Why is it that we humans have a tendancy to spend more energy or focus on those who just are a waste of our time or just plain out dont give a damn about us??? Why is it like that? Why is it that we chase after those that we know in the long run will break our hearts, ego, esteem, and pockets....but yet we insist on channeling all our energy to them? Why is it that we avoid those who actually have the most potential to care and love us.....and then we wonder why when we get hurt, why we can never find some one who is truely worthy of our heart? B smart! Dont let those who fascinate you take advantage of you, but Do let those who are intrigued by you, love you. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE FOR EVERYONE....IT JUST TAKES PATIENT dont feel as though you think that you have let a perfect person slip out of your life.....not only allowed room for a perfect person to enter.

IT IS TIME TO can hate those from your past relationships....for doing your wrong....cheating, breaking your heart, treating you like their puppet, etc. Or you can just accept the fact that they have made you stronger, they have taught you your likes and/or dislikes in a relationship. You can love em or hate em.....either way you will grow from that experience...whether it be positive or negative. You chose which direction you want....but remember to make yourself better for you and never for someone else.

love you,
Me, myself, and I - you came in this world alone, you will leave alone


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