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Stop being such a stand-offish bitch

Dear Younger Me,

Stop being such a stand-offish bitch. Let people in. At the very least; That one person you felt who was worth it all. Not everyone can screw up your goals, nor your ability of being a good mother. Just because you date, doesn't mean that you're not a good mom. Stop being a scared bitch and chill!!! It's time you enjoy things in your life for yourself. It's okay to step back and enjoy your life for "you." It's not a sin to be happy. Just because you don't need to depend on anyone doesn't mean that you can't love someone and have someone love you back. Love is a wonderful thing. It may be hard at times, but if it's true----it's all good. All the men you pushed away were for a good reason; all except for one.... Dumbass....


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