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If I could talk to a younger me

If I could talk to a younger me I would tell myself to listen to my heart. You cant work out love with a math problem. My situation was I really, really, liked a girl. But before I could tell her she told me she liked someone else. So I tried to forget about her. Unfortunately, it worked.

A couple months down the road I meet a new chick. I wasnt all that interested, but I went out with her anyways. Thing is nobody knew. But you know whats messed up? The girl I used to really, really, like tells me that the other dude wasnt worth it. So she tells me she likes me. Problem here? I got a girlfriend.

So what does my stupid ass do? I stick with my girlfriend. But a couple months down the road, I see that I am back at square 1. I broke up with my girl, and went back to the first one that I denied. Problem? She aint my friend no more.

So 4 2 years now I basiclly loved this grl but havent told her cause she hates me now.


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