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i met himthrough my brother-in-law, one of his best friends from high school. from the first time i met him fell in love with him. start seen each other on my birth day. he is the only guy ever kissed & been with. he knew that & thought he is speciall. he is speciall never felt like that before. i thought everything is fine. felt like i am alive, never felt that before. evrybody knew i was falling for him hard. i made plans for future, getting married, having kids. i knew evrything about his past his mistakes but still loved him. he will call me everyday for hours. everybody though we were perfect together. suddenly didn't hear from him for weeks. called him everyday no answer. suddenly called &said he did something bad & can't be in a relationship. we talked that night to work things out cuse i can't live without him. can't think of him with another girl & can't imagine myself with somebody else. we were suppose to talk the next day, i called him no answer, i waited the whole night up for him to call never called back & i am still waiting for him, i cry about him every day. i just can't imagine a life without him. i saw him for the last time in 10-21-2006 & today is 05-26-2007 & i am still waiting. i don't know what i did. how can he been so obsessed about me to leaving me without an explantion. i don't deserve this but i can't move on cause i love him all with my hear & he is my first love & i will do anything for him. i never hurt him anyway so i wanna go back in time the last time i saw him & want to tell him how much i love him & if he come back i will take him back in her heartbeat. he made me so happy & since then i haven't been truly happy. i smile when everybody smile to show them i am ok. i am not i cry everyday think about him day , night & dream of him. i wanna go back in time cause i wanna be happy & wanna laugh for real. he makes me laugh, he makes me happy.i jst wanna go back in time & just wanna be with him.


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