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muster up the strength for a hope of a better tomorrow.

It's Hard, but necessary. You may be happy being in love, but dont get comfortable; you let your guard down, and let her in, and you kept your word and committed to stay by her and true to her as best you could. Now that she's left you, and you havent seen her in close to a year, know that the pain was unbareable, but necessary to make a better you. It's easy to point the finger at just compile the evidence that she was cheating, but at the core of it all, its a product of both sides. You too could have done your part, and you will hurt like hell for a long time. Slowly but surely, you will come up again, but much wiser this time, and plz come to accept the fact that maybe it wasn't meant to be. But how would you know - there are so many other women out there that how could you even claim you would get it so easily? Do your best, guard your heart, muster up the strength for a hope of a better tomorrow.


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