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Good luck. I love you

IF I Could go back...

I'd let the man of my dreams, know, he was the "man of my dreams.' I'd let him know, that is the only one I have ever loved.

So scared of being hurt, but yet, had no clue that, that man
was my desire.

I am a stupid fool, but, yet, so is he.

I am worth more than gold, but he never thought the effort
was worth me.

So guarded I was, and he broke it down. Scared to death,
but the one who makes my stomach sick, is nowhere to be

So now I will just do everything I am used to doing, even
though my heart desires doing everything with him.

Oh well, I suppose. My life has always been easier doing my
life without you.

You have no idea, but I fell in love with you. I could have loved you forever. The only one who loses out, is YOU.

You know how to get ahold of me if you choose, if not, I hope one point in time, you realize the only loser here is YOU.

I wake up each morning grafeful for what I have. If you are
too arrogant to see qualities I have, than it's your loss, but all I know is the only one I have ever loved is you. Just let the little gold diggers chase after you. You have idea that I am the one who would love you for a lifetime and
love you for "you."

If you don't want that, than, good luck to you.

You are the reason to have always kept my love up. You are a player and the only one who doesn't realize it is you.

I loved you somehow and still do. But hopefully one day, I'll wake up and realize I wasn't meant for you. You have no idea the feelings that I tried to avoid; all because of you.

It's your loss and you know it too. If you don't, than you are more arrogant than I thought was you.

I am in love you. I think, somehow, it hit, the first time
I met you.

I have never felt like this in my life. But that's fine, if you're arrogance permits you from accepting me, than it proves to me, you are not worthy of me. If I was always fine without someone like you, and knowing your avoidance, I will continue to do whatever I need to do. Although, I would do anything for you, your arrogance shows me that you are worthy of my love for you.

I love you and I will never say it again. If you are too stubborn to make the move, then we will never see each other again. Although my heart belongs to you, I won't beg you. It's you who is the loser. I can guarantee, you'll never
meet someone like me again. I'mn not wealthy like you, but I have a heart of gold that matches you.

I would have loved you for this lifetime. You know where I am. I am not playing games with you. If you want me, then
come get me. If not, good luck and know there is someone worthy of your love in this world. More love than you
would ever imagine.

Good luck. I love you.


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