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Why did you do that?!?!?!?!?
Okay, so 10th grade. I am not very good looking: tall but pudgy with glasses, and a bit of a goofy smile. Just got over a bad 5 year long crush (stupidstupidstupid!) and you see her. A.M. The girl of your dreams, but not at first. So ms.B ur spanish teacher seats you behind her. long brown curly hair,eyes like chocalate on a summer day, skin the color of nectar, wonderful hair, sexy body but thats not what you like most: she has a spectacular personality. So you sit behind her everyday and think about her all night. you like her ALOT. Then you do something stupid: you write her a letter. This letter says that you want to get know her, but the STUPID IDIOTIC THING IS THAT YOU USE AN ALIAS AND ACT LIKE YOU ARE SOMEONE ELSE!!!!
STOP HERE. you should have just told her you want to be her friend, or better yet just be her friend. However, now shes nervous but you still have the gall to ask her to a ball...through somone else!!!!!STOP HERE. now, all you have done is make things really weird. Wait here is the grand finale: a month later you write her APOEM THAT TELLS HER HOW YOU LOVE HER< THINK ABOUT HER AND WOULD EVEN STOP A BULLET FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS FIFTEEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! YOU IDIOT so you talk to her, but you are nervous, you find graffittti about the two of you And you tell her about it, and you ask her if the thought of you two together scares her and u also try to be normal by writing a couple of notes asking her what she likes!!!!!!!!!!!!! why did you do this man!!! you screwed it all up. Luckily, you recently woke up, pulled your head out of your ass and told her in a long letter you are sorry.... BUT YOU ARE NEARLY A YEAR TOO LATE. YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR PAL< because you know that even though you told her all that love stuff and sort of took it back, you know that you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ME


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