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If you want to dance, DANCE!

if u didnt smoke weed and drink you wouldnt have lost your baby. The world will not always look so black.

If you put up a fight you wouldnt have been used so many times.

If you'd followed your heart and left the no-hope-boyfriend for the one you really loved you might have been happy.

If you had more faith in yourself you could have followed your dreams and had more confidence.

If you werent so angry at yourself and god you'd be happier. God wasnt to blame for the loss.

Sleeping with your cheating boyfriend's best mate will not heal the pain, it will only cause more.

Don't be so angry with those who cheat on you, rise above it, you are better than them, dont sink to their level, and dont blame future partners for past partners' mistakes.

Don't smoke!!!! It is not cool, it is not clever, it does not make you look tough, it will kill you, and be too hard to give up once you realise this.

Don't worry about what people think of you. If you enjoy music, keep playing them instruments. If music makes you feel close to god, keep singing your lungs out and keep going to church. If you want to dance, DANCE! Who cares what other people think, live your life and dont stand on the sidelines.

If you had the benefit of hindsight you wouldnt have made so many mistakes.


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