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I wish I could turn back time and told him sooner

I have feelings for a younger version of me, he is 21 and is a sweetie. I told him how I felt twice, once my caregiver told him I liked him. I fell for him the first day of the Summer Games for the Special Olympics(Then I was getting over the relationship of me and my first boyfriend whom I known for years). He held out his hand and helped me off the bench of the bleachers while leaving the bleacher area to see a teammate compete. We were at breakfast the next day, while after breakfast we were waiting for everyone to get towards the entrance to exit the restaurant and I was looking at those books with the years printed on the cover. I asked him when is his birthday he told me he was borned in 1984, I was borned in 1976. I was shocked that he was way too young for me. Then I decided to be friends with him(We are friends to this day). Years went by, he was sweet as ever, I told him for the first time how I felt about him and he had a girlfriend. Then he started to call me a pet name(Which is a regular name) and I responded with the name "Soldierboy" the reason is that he was telling me that he wanted to be in the army, so I thought about the song Soldierboy just to flatter him. Then he started giving me hugs and started putting his arms around me. Then he started to hug me every week we see each other. Today Febuary 12 2006 I told him that I liked him alot and he told me he was taken(it took alot of nerves and alot of guts but it was too late) I wish I could turn back time and told him sooner.


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