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i don't understand why there are so many bad men out there that put on a front

If i could go back in time, I would of gotten to know someone better before getting involded in a relationship. It just seems like once you let somebody put you down its like a never ending cycle of getting verbly abused and the list go's on ...(spitting i hate it and find it so disrespectful)!!!!but even if you find someone difrent it just seems like the same cycle over and over again...but i'm going to put a stop to it and when i do know one will ever disrespect me again and i will always have my guard up..i think relationships are just drama and stress that we don't need in our life's we women have enough to deal with periods... i don't understand why there is so many bad men out there that put on a front and then boom six months down the road it's starts like a whole diffrent person can anybody say split personalitys. i guess my advice is from experience here it is if your with someone who starts by a little thing like calling you a name don't let him say sorry ..put a stop to it right there and dump his ass there is someone else out there who is going to treat you alot just takes time ..


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