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If i could say anything to the younger me i would say

If i could say anything to the younger me i would say: Do things for yourself. Dont stay because of him. Hes not worth it because in the end he is just going to go away and forget about you. Stay true to your feelings and your dreams. Dont live for someone elses dreams. You come first and deserve someone that is going to be there for you. Hes going to hurt you. and hes going to hurt you hard. what he did to you is going to effect you for awhile. but just remember, just because he did this to you does not mean every guy is going to. dont be afraid to open up and let someone else in again.
I was with a guy for 3 1/2 years. left for the navy after i stayed to wait for him to graduate high school, we were high school sweet hearts. after asking me to marry him he dumped me. now i am still having a hard time believeing in myself as well as my partner.


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