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You really DO come first

- Dear Younger Me

I'm happy you put your all into a person and loved with all your might. Might you try saving love for God, yourself, and others as well? Also, if your heart is broken you must use whatever small 1/2 functioning pieces that are left and go on "terminator style" at least get yourself to a shrink or heart doctor. We let ourselves slide into an aweful depression and funk and gave up our control in the future. We became bitter victems. I love you. Don't do that to us and others. We need you. I need to be strong and go on. Guard you heart well. For your soul might be in there tween brain and heart and mind. Listen to my words: You really DO come first and you can help yourself and others more from a position of strength and activity vs weakness and non-activity. Please make us shorter winded in future.



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