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look! =D i know it's probably gettinmg annoying everyone asks the same thing!! i'll skip lines, i guess it will be easier for you to read =D

i'm confused, i don't wanna learn to flirt, or to

get close to anyone, i already am. But ,... =S

you see i have a VERY close guy friend, i know everything

about his X and his family problems. Although we talked

about how unffair it's going to be for the next girl whos

going to be his, i want to be that girl! =$ hehe, it's

unffair because he said he'll never love anyone as much as

he loved his X, she's special. but i'm terrified of losing

him as a friend, i want him as anything, but more as mine!

you see i KNOW if we just stay friends i'm gonna be so

jelouse of whoever he ends up with =S, he makes me feel

like the most important girl in his life, and does a lot

to show it, i don't want things to change. even if it's

almost like a bro. sis. relationship, i'm NOT his sister

so i CAn do SOMETHING about it, right?(he does flirt alot)

(encouragingly) but my society doesn'y really approve of

boyfriends and girlfriends. he knows my parents and he's

gonna meet them soon. probably next month. it's the first

time i get a crush on someone AFTER getting to them VERY

well =S (that sounds stupid in a way) but i feel like it's

more than a crush, sometimes i can't wait for our usual

daily phone calls to complain about things, but then i'm

so happy t talk to him, i don't want to complain anymore

=), he still talks about his X, it bugs me but vry little.

see i believe that when ur inlove with someone, even after

it's over you'll never forget that person, and he always

talks about how much he used to love her, it makes me feel

like i'm never gonna be up to that level. and i don't want

him to become all mushy and gushy if we ever end up

together! i wanna be treated exactly the same but with

that special attention =P lo0L u probably know what i

mean. any ways he lives like 2hours away by plane =S

we met at sumer camp. i miss him SO much it's the end of

nov. and i haven't seen him since the end of july.

everytime we talk i wanna see him more and more, i can't

wait to hug him!! he was the nicest guy in camp and helped

me with some problems, so i feel VERY safe around him,

like he's my personal protector.

should i just wait till we're old enough to be together

with the approval of my parents who are following the

society, and my arabian cultural beliefs? but when that

time comes what should i do? and for now, how can i get

OVER HIM? at moments i am, but i don't want to. i feel

like with this attitude i'm never going to settle down.

and i'm the type of girl that likes to gain my guy. i mean

i would hate it if a guy tried to get close without me

wanting that, or like if i never ever thought of him likle

that and he tried, i'd Hate him! (wierd huh?) but what if

he's like me in that way, he might think i'm a total freak

for thinking of him like that. Magazines are always

analyzing people through test results, can't i do that but

on a more proffesional level? your level ? =D

it's very complicated =S but please try to answer me as

soon as possible, i'll try not to do anything stupid.

oh yeah i'm 15 (more accurate?)

User Submitted Advice from a 13-20 year old Female

spend time with him a lot , let him noe u ,when he really noe u hteres a chance he might fall in love with u

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