It's summer...does **he** like me?

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Alright, well I know how many of these you get, so I'm sorry for making you read this one also, but...I'm stuck. I really don't know if this guy likes me. See, he's really really nice to everybody so sometimes it's quite hard to tell whether he really likes me or if he's just being nice like he is to everyone. I like him a lot, and have for a long time, but if it turns out that he doesn't like me, then that's fine. It's just that, if he DOES like me, then I'd like to do something about it because he barely even talks to me! So here are some reasons why I think he might like me:

1. (Is this like always #1?) He stares at me ALL the time! I notice it all of the time because I stare at him too. So when I look over at him, almost all the time he'll be looking at me at the exact time, and we hold eye contact for what seems like a LONG time (but is really only like 5 seconds at the most or somehthing...) and then one of us looks away.

2. His behavior kind of changes around me. He has a lot of friends, boys and girls, and he talks to just about anybody. He can easily make small talk with a lot of different people and he's loud and funny and very energetic around everyone else, but around me...he's usually pretty quiet. He never really jokes around...he's pretty serious. And he actually doesn't really talk to me, but he talks to everyone else around me.

3. I'm really not sure about this, but looking back on it, whenever he looked into my eyes, his eyes kinda seemed to like shine a little more or something...I don't really know. But also about his eyes, when he's near me or talking to me or something and he looks at me, he always looks STRAIGHT into my eyes. And I mean STRAIGHT into my eyes! I mean, it's not like a sharp stare or anything, it's almost as if he's trying to like understand what I'm thinking deep down or something... It's just a really weird feeling that I get when we make eye contact and I just want to know if he feels it too!

4. He doesn't talk to me that much. But we see each other all the time around school and stuff. I seem to run into him a lot. Like, at this dance, he was dancing like right next to me for a long time, but I didn't even realize it until my friend finally turned me around after like three songs. But he never did ask me to dance or anything.

Ok, so if I'm asking the question "does he like me?" then I must have reasons to doubt that he likes me, right? Well here they are... Basically, my concerns are...

1. He never really talks to me. (When he does though, he seems to be a very good listener and he remembers lots of little details mentioned in casual conversation.)

2. He is a really nice and social guy, so it's a definite possibility that he's just being his nice self.

3. My friends are better friends with him than I am and two of them think that he does like me, one thinks that he of course does not like me and is just being himself, and one is kind of like "Well, he is just really nice, but the eye thing is interesting, so I think he definitely might." kind of thing.

4. Sometimes when I talk to him, he seems a little distracted or like he doesn't have time to talk to me or something. Kind of like, he's nervous or something, so he just wants to end the conversation before it really gets going... It's complicated. But basically I often get the feeling that he doesn't really really want to talk to me when I talk to him. But he will talk to me sometimes...Oh gosh... I'm just really confused...

And now it's summer! And I really wanna hang out with him and talk to him because I really miss him, but I'm not sure if he even wants to hear from me!

HELP!!! Does he like me? Or does he not? Because, I'm starting to doubt that he does like me...I don't know though...that's why I'm asking for your help! Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry......because this is really LONG! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Same type guy

I think he likes you, but i was wondering that myself, because the guy i like does most of the exact same things

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