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Interested in how to flirt? We've got tips, techniques and primers on great ways to flirt. Even shyness can be a good thing!

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anyplace secluded
You can flirt with your date/crush ANYWHERE. If it's your date, and you want ...
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anywhere outside (in winter or spring)
if ur outside or somewhere not exactly warm, lightly complain that you're cold ...
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At a park
Flirting at the park works because you can be playful, get him to push you on ...
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At Prom, Dance, or Nightclubs!
Obviously, at prom you can just flirt by saying, ' do you want to dance?" or ...
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At the movies!!!
if you are going to the movies with a bunch of friends including your crush, ...
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At The Pool
The pool can be a great place to flirt because then that way you can show ...
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Bowling Alley
Give them some pointers if they are doing it wrong. Make them feel as they are ...
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Bus and Subway Stops
At bus and subway stops, everyone is stuck there with nothing to do until they ...
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Yup, church and other religious buildings are great places to flirt! Why? ...
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Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class
Ask him questions that you know he can help you with. Turn to look at him ...
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There is no better place than the elevator, whether its waiting for the lift or ...
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im scared to flirt with ...
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if you want to flirt a girl just tell her about other girls she will definately ...
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Flirting in Public
What me and my friends do is we melt the guys at the mall. We look, stare into ...
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Grocery Stores
Itīs amazing how many flirts practice their skills at the grocery store! Itīs ...
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hockey rinks are the best place to flirt with a boy. they might be a little ...
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When you have people over, be sure to practice your flirting at home. Its where ...
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sGbWhw hi! ...
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how to flirt at skating rink
there are always guys at the skating rink so do mind asking one of them can you ...
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I miss you
I miss ...
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if a boy calls u a name
it means they are trying to get ur attention and they like ...
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If he likes You
If a Boy likes you he will find anyway to touch you like gently ...
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if u r scared
just try to coml urself down, or clear ur ...
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if u r shy around a guy
when you r with th boy u like i know u get nervous but think about how he si ...
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In the Hallway
If you got a book ,drop your book on the floor so he can pick it up for ...
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Keep quiet
Just sit quiet and look into her eyes and then tell her she is ...
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Yes even the library you can flirt with someone. If ur with the guy you like ...
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Locker lock up
Try going to ur locker and pretending you cant get it open ask ur crush to help ...
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Yup, everybody knows about flirting in malls! Why is it so popular? First, itīs ...
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on the moon
take your hunny bunny far out into this world =] show him what you are made of ...
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On the phone
You can flirt on the phone because it will just make them want you more then ...
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when ur at the park and the sun is just setting sit on a small hill sitting ...
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School is the perfect place to flirt - you see each other in the halls and ...
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when you walk past by your hotty chrush, give him a little gentle wink, this ...
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smell good when talking to ur crush or man!
when u know ur going to see him spray some body spray on u on ur neck and back ...
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teen b-day partys
if 1 of ur friends is having a bitrh day party make sure ur crush is going to b ...
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Teen Birthday Party
When one of your friends is having a girl and guy birthday party try to ...
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The Bedroom
Flirting in the bedroom is a perfect place. You should lay dwn on the bed with ...
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The Library
casually reach past him to take a book. it helps a bit if you lightly brush ...
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The Stables
FLirting at the stables is best too. Horses nickering and neighing, breeze ...
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walking around your hometown
When you see this crush of yours, u just say hi and if he blushes, he likes ...
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when you are flirting with a girl how can you tell if she lkes you
i am a girl so this is all true. well if she looks at you for long periods of ...
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why at school of course!
at school is a great place to flirt, their are tons of guys to flirt with! ask ...
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