Deep and Shallow

Sometimes fights in relationships occur because one partner feels the other one is too ´shallow´ or isn´t ´deep´ enough in the relationship. What do these mean?

Both involve the amount of concern and attention one partner feels for the other. A few times this might be valid - one partner might be fully in love with the other while the other partner just sort of likes the first. More often, though, it´s that one partner expects X and Y as a sign of love, while the other partner does Z and feels that shows his life fully.

Sit down and talk about expectations. What do *think* means the person loves you? Is it daily hugs? Lots of flowers? Snuggling? Phone calls? Now talk about how *you* show your love. Maybe your partner is completely missing those little things you do. If you learn more about each other´s expectations and style, you might find that you are both deeply in love with each other, and just didn´t realize how you were showing it.