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sheds/storage - 12/13/10 10:27 PM

Do you have a storage shed on your property, or do you pay for storage somewhere? What do you keep in your shed, and is having that stuff in there worth it?
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Re: sheds/storage - 02/20/11 03:46 AM

I have a storage shed in another state that I have been paying for, for years. I don't think anything in there is worth all that. $1320 a year! I could probably just buy everything new for all that. heh

I am thinking i will have everything out of there by the end of March, for good. That will be a great day!
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Re: sheds/storage - 08/15/11 09:18 PM

Finally! YAY! We emptied out our storage bin for good a few weeks ago. While everything is all over my front patio, at least it sits there for free.

It feels so good to not have to pay for that shed any more, ever.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: sheds/storage - 11/13/11 07:52 PM

Dear Jilly -

It is awesome news that you were able to save all that money. I think every month you should celebrate that you have that money "actively saved" by having the items at your house. Plus you can now sort and use and recycle them!
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: sheds/storage - 11/29/11 04:32 PM

Speaking of sheds, we still have a pile of steel sitting in our back yard which are the remnants of our old shed which was destroyed in the 2010-2011 snowstorms. My boyfriend has been putting off getting rid of it because he felt the basement cleaning was more important - but then of course he never did the basement cleaning either.

I finally had to drag him downstairs last night to help with the basement and now we can put the kayaks away. That was his bit "hurdle". So once we do that today, then I can pressure him more strongly about that steel. I don't care if we just call a guy to take it away for free. I just want that steel to stop being a giant eyesore on the lawn. It's like an itch that won't go away. Which at this point I'm very familiar with smile
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Re: sheds/storage - 11/29/11 05:51 PM

STOP! Do not just let someone take the steel shed away for free. Scrappers in MI are cruising the neighborhoods on garbage days looking for any metal to sell at scrap yards.

From what I understand is that a steel shed or steel sheets are worth a fortune. You could be sitting on $500 or more!!!

I would look into that before I gave it away for free!!
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: sheds/storage - 11/29/11 06:06 PM

i dont even think that sheet metal scrap yard exist in the city fact i cant think of one around us any more where there use to be a few
Posted by: jilly

Re: sheds/storage - 11/29/11 09:36 PM

Scrap steel goes for 12-18 cents a pound here.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: sheds/storage - 12/01/11 08:42 PM

Right here it is 9 cents a pound. I looked up the weight of this shed, and it appears we would get $9 at most for hauling it.

Bob needs to empty out his truck first, then put the steel into it, then drive it away. He STILL has not even done the empty-the-truck step even though I keep prodding. Now I'm turning into a nag. I don't want to be a nag. But it frustrates me, and I can't do it in my SUV because it's too small, the pieces won't fit. I should just call one of those guys who take it away for free. This is too much grief for $9.
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: sheds/storage - 12/01/11 09:22 PM

wow no wonder scrap yards are closing there isnt much in it for them or you for a profit with the work involved ...good idea on having someone else who maybe willing to just haul it away themselves...are you sure that shed is steel...thats not much weight for a shed if it is steel and not say aluminum...
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: sheds/storage - 12/01/11 11:16 PM

Dear Illusive -

It's definitely steel but they make them thin nowadays, probably for expense reasons. Plus I think it was only say 9x12, it wasn't a gigantic shed. Just one for lawnmowers and such.
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: sheds/storage - 12/02/11 01:26 AM

yah i know the son had some guys that built sheds that size one cost for building and to shingle it the whole bit ..cheaper those sheds and my gosh its still lasting...whenever it decides to call it quits he can just burn it...

i guess thats all these two guys did was go around and do that a father son team it done in a day too...framing doors roofing etc...all he did after was slap a coat of paint on it.

surprising too because the materials were not the most expensive that its still lasting good...after 9 yrs.
Posted by: tessboss

Re: sheds/storage - 12/02/11 01:19 PM

Talked to a scapper guy and he said its about 10 - 12 cents per pound for steel but steel weighs more at the scales and he likes it better than aluminum because aluminum weighs (20 cents a pound)less and you need a lot to make anything.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: sheds/storage - 12/04/11 12:04 AM

It probably depends where you go too - I think if I drive 2 hours I can get to somewhere that will pay 10 cents a pound, but the place that's within a half hour will only pay 9 cents a pound.
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: sheds/storage - 12/04/11 12:04 AM

Oh and I'll note the steel is still out there. His car is still full of junk so he can't put the steel into it. Maybe tomorrow. I hate to nag but this is getting silly.
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: sheds/storage - 12/04/11 12:53 AM

lol tell him no more air guitar till he does this ... laugh
Posted by: jilly

Re: sheds/storage - 12/04/11 11:15 PM

My car is also still full of steel junk. I was glad to get it off the ground but now I need to drive over and get it out of the car. Been driving around with it all back there for two weeks.
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Re: sheds/storage - 02/05/12 08:15 PM

I wonder if storage sheds are ever worth what we pay for them, in pure financial terms. from what i have paid over the years for them, i could have bought their contents several times over.

That's the logical part.

But nothing about our 'stuff' is ever logical.
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: sheds/storage - 02/05/12 08:18 PM

ya know my son found a father son team who all they did was go around and build small wooden sheds approx the size of the steel or aluminum sheds...much cheaper ..i think it only cost him two hundred and that included shingles for it...that thing is still holding up just fine as he stained it also and its been ten years it has more than earned its money and when it decides to finally go to rot ...its eco friendly
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Re: sheds/storage - 02/05/12 09:52 PM

I meant the storage shed you pay monthly rent on, but that works too. How great your son was able to find such an elegant solution!
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: sheds/storage - 02/05/12 10:43 PM

elegant??? oh lawd no jilly its not elegant but does fit in with the surroundings as well where we are in the woods...and i didnt think you meant the monthly rated sheds ... smile
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Re: sheds/storage - 02/05/12 10:59 PM

LOL, elegant in terms of an idea. I am sure it looks quite rustic. smile
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: sheds/storage - 02/06/12 02:07 AM

oh yah its rustic blends right in with surroundings and that is what he wanted to achieve so it didnt stick out like a sore thumb down by the on that regard he achieved his goal... wink
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: sheds/storage - 02/06/12 05:10 AM

The steel is gone, so we're down to two actual sheds.

Our sheds are both "protective sheds" - one for lawn equipment, one for motorcycles. So in our case they are worth it to protect the investment in the items we own.

In the case of a storage shed, I imagine it's worth it for short term storage. If you are redoing your kitchen, you can protect your items from damage while that is happening. But for long term, I imagine it's generally not worth it. If you are not using an item long term, it's probably best to sell it.

I'm saying this with a house full of stuff which needs to leave, of course. So I need to make progress in that area.

For example I have a slide projector I listed on CraigsList for $5. No takers. Hmph. Is there any way to "edit it" to be for free to get it to bump up to today's listing, or do I have to create an entirely new listing?
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Re: sheds/storage - 02/06/12 06:21 AM

New listing.
Posted by: illusive Fantasy

Re: sheds/storage - 02/06/12 06:54 AM

his outside storage shed of which he has two are both wooden and have been shingled and quite rugged with nothing inside getting damp or wet and he has all his expensive toys in there as well..which he would never do if there were any risk and i have some stuff in one of them as well...both have lasted 9-10 years at the very least and not falling apart at all or even look decrepit...i would put anything in them and feel safe... smile he has all sorts of lawn equipment in them plus a four wheeler and other mechanical things that you wouldnt want rusting etc from coal which you dont want to get wet either...riding lawmower you name it... laugh

he built one himself and the other was the father son team i told you say both have held up better than a metal shed which rust. Id dare say they would also hold up in strong winds from a hurricane which a lot of metal sheds you see just crumble.

also one of them being right off the lake we catch some really good unblocked gusts.
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Re: sheds/storage - 02/06/12 09:55 AM

OK thanks Jilly I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow. It seems that nobody wants it for $5. It's a shame, I guess nobody uses slides any more.
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Re: sheds/storage - 02/06/12 11:08 PM

wrong time for that i think Lisa would be better when flea mkts set up again.