2 years where is this going?

Posted by: Exist

2 years where is this going? - 05/12/12 04:12 AM

I don't know what to say other than I have a devastatingly jelois boyfriend who's vey controlling. If my sister randomly wants to come over and hang out with just me he won't allow it I work in the public and everyone talks to me. I'm very social but not really how I used to be anymore. This makes me sad cause every time I try to talk about it he's max and won't let me get through what Shoukd I do? We fight for days when these kind of events occur he locks ms out of the room for hours to be alone... Big fights can I help him ?
Posted by: PDM

Re: 2 years where is this going? - 05/30/12 02:26 AM

Hello Exist smile

This does not sound very healthy and, if you want to make it work, I really think that you will need to have relationship counselling. Then you will get an outside, unbiased view on your relationship ~ and some help with resolving issues.

Think over whether you are actually happy with this situation.
Do you love him?
Does he love you?
Has he always been like this?

Could it be that he stops your sister coming unexpectedly because he is tired after work, rather than because he is controlling?
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Re: 2 years where is this going? - 06/07/12 11:39 PM

[PDM: Post about casting spells deleted.]