There's a girl I like in my class. about 3 months ago I saw her in the gym staring at me while I worked out the whole time and I didn't want to distract her from her work out so I didn't walk up to talk to her. I saw her the next day and while she was walking in my direction towards the water fountain I said Hi and we made eye contact but she didn't say anything back.

now she's in my class and a lot of the girls sit around me in class including her. she sat 2 seats infront of me for the 1st week and she looked at me and when I would catch her she would pretend she was looking somewhere else.. and one day before class I saw her in the lab trying to find form to print ofr class and she I talked to hr but she didn't look at me... I offered to print it out for her and when I did we were talking and she'd smile and laugh a lot but didn't make much eye contact. in class she sits either in front of me or behind me but I can't talk to her in class. I tried to talk to her outside of class but she's always rushing to the financial aid office at my school... I notice she still looks at me in class. he's very quiet and doesn't talk much to anyone.
what should I do? try to talk to her outside of class?
does she like me? how do you know?