Jilly -

We definitely are developing a mindset that if we bring something in we definitely have to send something out. And also every day we work on actively sending things out. So we are making progress.

I've sent out large volumes of books in the past few months, plus large volumes of old gaming gear and computer gear. It's amazing how much is still left despite all of that, but definitely progress has been made.

The spare room used to be jammed full of old computer gear and gaming gear. Now it's much more walkable. Most of the old games are now gone. Now it's a lot of cables and controllers and things, so I have to work on those next.

I used to have stacks and stacks of books to review and I've made a big push to read through them. The stacks are actually whittling down. So that's a nice feeling.

One day at a time!

Tomorrow for example I'm sending out a book, an XBox fan, two Nintendo cases, and an origami set. One from PaperBackBook Swap, one from Amazon, one from ebay, and one from my website. So a lot of different avenues all working together.

Lisa Shea, Owner