Welcome to the forum and sorry for all your pain. Your wife sounds immature and does not sound stable enough to make good choices in her life.

My concern would be for your daughter. She would be devastated if you got back together and your wife left again. By your hanging on, you are stuck in one spot and giving your wife all the power and control over your life and your daughters.

Maybe it would be wise for you to get some therapy for you. It may help you sort out the ever changing events and help you to move on. The fact that you you are sleeping with her regularly is not helping you think clearly and make good choices yourself.

You may never stop loving her but you may be able to love her in a different way and move on with your life. You are waiting for her to decide your future and your happiness but you should be in control of your future. The fact that she said she was moving back in March and hasn't done it tells me she does not really want to commit to you again. She may come back but very well may leave again when she finds what she thinks is a new and better path later.

Sorry to say but she sounds very much like she has a substance abuse problem and drowns her feelings in alcohol and drugs. The fact that she left a great guy and her daughter for a junky abuser says volumes.

Take care of your self and your daughter and please think about getting some help for both of you to move on.