his outside storage shed of which he has two are both wooden and have been shingled and quite rugged with nothing inside getting damp or wet and he has all his expensive toys in there as well..which he would never do if there were any risk and i have some stuff in one of them as well...both have lasted 9-10 years at the very least and not falling apart at all or even look decrepit...i would put anything in them and feel safe... smile he has all sorts of lawn equipment in them plus a four wheeler and other mechanical things that you wouldnt want rusting etc from dampness...plus coal which you dont want to get wet either...riding lawmower you name it... laugh

he built one himself and the other was the father son team i told you about...id say both have held up better than a metal shed which rust. Id dare say they would also hold up in strong winds from a hurricane which a lot of metal sheds you see just crumble.

also one of them being right off the lake we catch some really good unblocked gusts.

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