The steel is gone, so we're down to two actual sheds.

Our sheds are both "protective sheds" - one for lawn equipment, one for motorcycles. So in our case they are worth it to protect the investment in the items we own.

In the case of a storage shed, I imagine it's worth it for short term storage. If you are redoing your kitchen, you can protect your items from damage while that is happening. But for long term, I imagine it's generally not worth it. If you are not using an item long term, it's probably best to sell it.

I'm saying this with a house full of stuff which needs to leave, of course. So I need to make progress in that area.

For example I have a slide projector I listed on CraigsList for $5. No takers. Hmph. Is there any way to "edit it" to be for free to get it to bump up to today's listing, or do I have to create an entirely new listing?

Lisa Shea, Owner