Hi everyone! It's been ages since Ive been here. I lost all the information to my previous account, so I created a new one. Most of you would recognize me as "Raven" ^^ And just by the way, I'm a girl.

A lot of things have changed since Ive been here last. I've come to terms with my sexuality as being bisexual, which is cool because I get a lot of support from my friends and other adults outside of my family (because they would freak if they knew XD) and I've got a new boyfriend. I've also just recently gotten through my first year of univeristy.

Ok, now to two little issues that I have.

The first is about my boyfriend. We've known each other for 4yrs and have been dating for 9 months. We were both deflowered near 3 months ago, which I never would have dreamed to have happened (ps, I'm 18 now). I really do feel that I love him (which is a ver VERY rare thing for me to say) and that I can have a lasting relationship with him. However, we had a scare about a month ago when the condom broke and he rushed to acquire ECs for me. I've been thinking of going on the pill ever since we started having sex (always with condoms!! We've never had sex without one). My question is that will being on the pill affect my relationship with him at all? I don't really know what kinds of side effects to expect.

The second issue concerns a girl. On my campus, there is a 4th yr student (soon to be graduating) who is a photography major and is absolutely gorgeous. I had an immediate crush on her since I saw her in February and am still crushing on her. She has a girlfriend (she's gay) and I love my boyfriend to bit. But is this attraction normal? Ive never crushed on an older girl before. My boyfriend knows that I go completely gaga over her, but is that healthy? We'll often joke about my sexuality and comment on girls together... but isn't that weird?

I dunno ^^; Feeling lost