We've been doing a ton of Vision Boarding with my BellaOnline editors and even had a delightful vision board chat where we all made our vision boards "live" with each other while chatting together. I thought I'd explain the idea here in case anyone wanted to learn more about it!

A vision board is typically a piece of paper or cardboard that you decorate with visuals which help you aim towards your goal. So if someone's goal is to make money to pay their rent, they might fill their vision board with dollar signs and other things which signify money to them. If someone else's vision board is to go to Japan, they would fill it with images that remind them of Japan.

The idea is that having this board on your desk or in your office helps you stay focused on your goal, make decisions to reach your goal, and keep you on track. Many of the BellaOnline editors have reached their goals thanks in part to their vision board!

Here is an example vision board, this is the one I made for myself during that live vision board chat. it's about my goals for serenity and peace. You can see the parakeet on there! Also a quiet fountain, a nook to read books in, and so on.

If anyone would like to make a vision board we can help you out!

I was thinking it would be really cool for us to make a vision board for this forum - what would our goals be? What would we want to achieve? I imagine there would be a bunch of parakeet images on it, as well as people discussing politics, religion, gender, and other issues - how do you put that on a board though?

Lisa Shea, Owner