Whether you live in an RV or just use yours occasionally, how do you organize it?

Do you have clothes and clean and folded on shelves, ready to go? Do you have dishes and utensils and napkins and toilet? Canned food? a toothbrush? Bedding?

Or do you load things up fresh from the house for each trip?

I'll start. I live in my RV, so I have most of my stuff in here. I also have a house, but i really just that more as a shed for extra things. It's much easier to maintain the motorhome as a residence.

I need to get more serious about organizing it in here. I have way too many clothes, shoes, linens, books, toiletries, games and miscellenous housewares/decor.

I have a desk where the dinette used to be and I want to downsize it to make myself more room. I also removed the bottom panel under the couch and found all kids of easy access for things like throw blankets and extension cords and tools.