I think so many of us hoard books that it's worthy of being it's own thread!

We can list ideas and suggestions for helping us here. here is my thinking:

I adore books and they make me happy to have them all around me. They make me feel safe. Yet they are heavy (if you move a lot or live in an RV). They take up a lot of space when you have many. And how often do they all get read?

It's rather selfish to keep books after you've read them, unless they are useful for reference, or are those few you know you will read over and over again.


- donate them to libraries - bonus - you get to read them
again. Or they can use them in their book sales to buy fresh new books!

- sell at used bookstores for cash or credit, or online at amazon/craigslist.

- if you go to RV resorts you can use them as trade items at RV activity center libraries, or just straight to other RVers.

- donate them to places like Goodwill. They will help the local community in terms of people being able to afford inexpensive books, and you might get a receipt for tax credit.

- other ideas?

I have been working out some piles. Really pretty books in good shape i have set aside to sell online. The problem of course is finding time to do this. In the meantime I have basically boxes of books which are still really clutter. :-(

Then for less pristine books I trade them in the RV resorts and sell them in my local used book store for credit. That works pretty well.

I also have some I give to friends and family members as gifts.

A large problem is i have so many books i have not read yet. I am so busy that I let them pile up! This is an issue. I need to set aside quality reading time to be able to clear these books out. But it seems like a big luxury to actually do that.