My Boyfriend came over with his friend and I practically lunged on him at the door lol....

I just vented for a little bit, I was sitting in the office talking to my bf's best friend about Zack, and my bpyfriend left the room. He came back and threw my work out clothes at me and said, Rob and I will watch Zack for a few hours, go work out, you NEED it.

I just got back. I ran until I got a runner's high, then I ran a bit more. I ran until the knots in my back were gone, I ran until I started to think of my son's smiling face and how much I loved seeing it walking through the door. That's when I turned back for home.

laugh I love that my bf and I are living together now, and that my sister has gone back home, and I have full time care of my son again...I guess it's just all a bit harder than I thought though.

My boyfriend told me that from nowon each evening after dinner, I can take an hour to run to clear my head and re-charge. My son is amazing, but he is very challenging. He is smart and very active and he asks questions CONSTANTLY, he gets into things ALWAYS. It gets overwhelming sometimes.

I suppose I just need to take the time to be alone sometimes.