Hi smile

Yes it can be completely normal to feel like this. It depends on the situation, though.

I love my kids ~ always did love my kids ~ but I found motherhood so totally overwhelming that I did not enjoy it at first.

I suffered post-natal depression and I often just wanted to escape. My lovely elder son suffered because of this ~ and I feel guilty to this day, though he thinks that I am being silly. He's 22 now.

This is from someone who had a settled loving marriage at the time and a huge amount of support from my parents, so for anyone with less support it could be much more difficult.

Don't think that you are the only person who finds motherhood difficult. On the other hand, if you feel close to snapping, get help. You don't want to let anything happen that might hurt your son, because you love him so much and he needs you so badly.

Perhaps your sister or a friend could help you out. Perhaps you could get some help and support from your counsellor.

Children pick up on things. Your son wants to be near you. He want to show you love and support. He is doing this the only way he knows how to ~ by being close to you. I know that this can be hard to cope with, but remember, they grow up so quickly that before long he will be heading off and you will find it hard to get him to spend too much time at home with you. That's how it works.

Re-prioritise. Spend time with him, cuddle him, read him stories. The junk will keep re-appearing, but toddlerhood is a brief and special time. Make the most of it ~ but also find some time for yourself. As Luv My Bird says 'Get a baby sitter and pamper yourself a little bit'.

Take care!

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.