A couple days ago, we did Fall cleaning on the back porch along with re-arranging of the furniture and decorations. And the flags, pennants, mail box cover, and windsocks.

Marge was also redecorating the kitchen, dining room, and living room. And she warned me that this morning would be re-arranging of the living room furniture.

Men are so different than women. To us, when a room is set up the way we like it, there's no need to change it - ever. Unless one wants a larger TV or some other electronic game or maybe a cooler or small fridge so one doesn't have to walk so far to the kitchen fridge.

Joking, mostly, since Marge visited my apartment before we got together and later married. She was impressed with my cleanliness - but NOT my holiday decorating!

We're mostly through, except for some minor accents and tweaking that Marge will do (actually, she never really stops).

To tell the truth, despite the fact that I tease her by my reluctance and my attempts at "negotiation," we are a pretty good team. We didn't measure things since my tape measure is in the "storage" trailer, but we came up with a pretty good basic design plan.

I commented that on Design Star, if the design got too fancy, then there would not be enough time for the glitches which always arise (especially if one or more team leaders are out buying too many ancillary items). And someone has to be in charge.

But I am pretty good at taking Marge's design plan, and suggesting minor changes. And when the glitches arise, as they did, we were able to deal with them fairly easily and in the allotted time.

I felt sorry for Trippi (our tortoise-shell kitty, who knows she is a "Princess"), though. She always vanishes when the vacuum cleaner comes out. And when she sensed that we were about through, she led me into the living room, and plaintively mewed as she saw her usual pattern had changed drastically. The worst, for her, was that her kneading blankie that usually lies on the top of the back of the couch was missing! Marge has it in the washing machine.

Poor thing! She is at my feet now as I type.

I asked Marge if she was happy with the living room. Since she said she was, I made no further suggestions. This is not my first rodeo!

[I thought of putting this in the off-topic for parakeet owners - I have posted there, but I'm not a parakeet owner; and I thought of putting this in the General, Miscellaneous section - but I think it fits in the romance section pretty well. After all, a happy spouse is a good thing. When Marge is happy, I'm happy.]

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Marge is the love of my life.