Romantic Feng Shui

Numerous studies have shown the powerful connection between our environment and our emotions. If we surround ourselves with romantic images, we begin to feel romantic. This is what feng shui is all about. It is about creating an atmosphere which supports the goals we have in life. If your goal is to have romance and love, here is where you begin!

When you walk into a room, look forward and right. This is the corner that controls relationships and romance. And really, it makes perfect sense. When you are entering a room, you tend to look in front of you. And with most people being right handed, our eyes tend to move to the right. This is where the eyes go, and whatever is in that corner is what we tend to see first. You want those images to be ones that support your quest to romance.

In addition, of course, you do need to pay attention to the rest of the room. If that one corner is romantic, but the rest is full of torture devices, the overall feeling might be off-putting :). So certainly pay attention to that forward-right corner - but seep those same feelings into the rest of the house.

Here are some ideas and tips for adding romantic feng shui to your home.

Think in Pairs
Romance is about two people. If all your photos have just a single person in them, if all your paintings are of lonely people, if all your statues and items are alone, then that gives a strong mental image to the viewer. Find ways to change that. Find paintings you adore that feature happy couples. Find photos that involve happy groups. Put up your decorative items in pairs.

Use Soothing Colors
We all react to colors differently, so while many books and sites talk about hard and fast rules, it makes more sense to think about what YOU like. If you absolutely hate pink, and you put pink all over your house, that won't create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You want a color you adore. At the same time, have it be a color that represents romance to you. If you love crimson, that's great! Use crimson highlights. If it's a warm, earthy orange that calls to you, go with that. This is definitely an area where your personal affections should overrule "cultural guidelines".

Remove Old Clutter
So often we can end up with items in our house that were given to us by others that we just aren't fond of. We keep them out of a sense of obligation. It's time to re-gift those. Someone else will absolutely adore them. To have them sitting in your home just weighs you down each time you see them. Clear out the space and give yourself room to grow.

Fresh Flowers, Lit Candles
Flowers represent beauty and growth. If you can't afford fresh flowers, go with something that is "ageless" like origami flowers. Avoid "dead" flowers like dried flowers. Those don't give a good vibe :). Also, lit candles add a warm flickering to the room. There are also LED versions which give the same sense without the fire hazard.

Appealing Aroma
So often we don't think about aroma, but it can have a powerful impact on how we feel. Look into candles, incense, and other techniques to add an aroma you adore into your world.

Take just one step today towards improving your environment!