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It's not easy being a guy! On one hand, guys are supposed to be opening doors, pulling out chairs and paying for everything. On the other hand, guys are supposed to support a woman's independence, treat her as an equal and be sensitive too. Here is advice to help you in your dating and loving!

g Does She Like Me?

Women don't always send clear signals. Is she just casually flirting, or does she actually want to get to know you better? Is that woman at work serious, or is she just friendly?

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g How to Flirt - a Guide for Guys

Guys are taught to be strong and silent, but that doesn't work well when you're trying to flirt! Learn the secrets of flirting that get you close to the girls without turning you into the class clown.

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g Dating Basics - a Guide for Guys

Do guys always ask the girls for a date? Are they supposed to pay for everything on the date? Should they open doors and pull out chairs, or is that old fashioned?

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g KISSING - a Guide for Guys

Girls are lucky - people expect them to be sweet and innocent. Guys are supposed to be the ones who take control and who sweep the girls off their feet. Take heart, guys! This ebook will help you learn how to kiss well and make a great impression.

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g Taming the Jealousy Beast for Males

Males are raised to be jealous. A man who is not madly jealousy is sometimes though to be "too weak". Even the animal kingdom has countless examples of strong men driving away any potential competition. On the other hand, a male who is too jealous can often destroy a wonderful relationship and drive away the woman that he loves.

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g Recovering after Cheating - a guide for guys

One of the traits most prized by a guy is honor. He wants to be able to trust his woman to be true to him, to be loyal to him. Cheating and lying are the ultimate betrayals of trust, the ultimate signs of a lack of respect. It is incredibly difficult to recover after your girl has cheated - but it can be done.

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g Dealing with a Breakup for Males

There are many fish in the sea, so your mom probably told you. It always hurts when one of those females slip back out of your grasp, but if you pay attention to what it's taught you, you will be better prepared for when the woman TRULY right for you comes along.

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g I Want Her Back

There are always ups and downs in life, and sometimes a great relationship can be thrown for a loop by seemingly meaningless or fixable issues. Here are tips to get your partner back into your life.

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g Love Spells and Traditions

Every culture has its traditions of chants, spells and lore to help attract love. This is true of the early Celtics, Egyptians, Italians, Hopi Indians, Irish, colonial Americans and much more. Do you believe in mistletoe at Christmas? How about sending Valentine's Cards in February? Learn more about the traditions of love, and the spells that were said to attract a lover!

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g 100 Easy Tips for Stress Relief

Modern life is full of stress. There are deadlines to meet. Quizzes to take. Angry parents to soothe. It seems like everybody wants something from you. Here are 100 simple, easy ways to help manage your stress and anger levels.

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g Love Poetry

It's the romantic image found in classic movies, modern TV shows, and just about any romantic novel. The lovers lounge together in peace and relaxation, reading love poetry to each other. Share in the romance today!

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