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Girls can be anything they want to be - which can make dating tough. Do you take the quiet and shy approach, expecting the guy to do everything for you? Do you take the forceful approach, and maybe drive the guy away? Here's advice to help you with every aspect of dating, kissing, and living.

g Does He Like Me?

Is that guy a player or is he serious about you? Is he having fun flirting, or does he want to spend more time with you? Get to know the signals men send out.

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g How to Flirt - a Guide for Girls

In the movies, girls flirt by batting their long eyelashes, showing a bit of leg and twirling their hair ditzily. In real life, many of these techniques do NOT work and look very silly. Learn the real secrets of flirting, and get close to those guys!

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g Dating Basics - a Guide for Girls

Is it OK if you ask HIM out on a date? Will he think you're too forward? How about after the date - can you call him up, or do you have to wait a few days and see if he calls first?

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g KISSING - a Guide for Girls

It's that moment that you remember forever - your first kiss. Just how do you kiss? What are different kissing techniques? What is a good kiss, or a bad kiss? Everything a girl needs to know about kissing well.

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g Taming the Jealousy Beast for Females

Jealousy has been around since the days of Helen of Troy and Paris. Jealousy is the water torture that can slowly disintegrate and destroy even the most loving of relationships. This book will show you the way to conquer your jealousy beast and bring peace and love to your relationship.

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g Recovering after Cheating - a guide for girls

It seems that every movie you watch involves a cheating boyfriend or husband, lured away by the younger / sexier / richer / sillier girl. It is incredibly painful when a man you trusted betrays that trust, and betrays your respect. Learn how to heal your soul and recover from the damage.

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g Dealing with a Breakup for Females

Most relationships end in breakups as we go through trial and error to figure out what is best for us. Don't despair that relationships fail - learn to find what the lessons are and move on to find the man truly deserving of your love.

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g I Want Him Back

We all make mistakes in life. For whatever reason, you are now apart from your ex, and you miss him! It's time to take charge of your future and find a way to get him back with you again.

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g Love Spells and Traditions

Every culture has its traditions of chants, spells and lore to help attract love. This is true of the early Celtics, Egyptians, Italians, Hopi Indians, Irish, colonial Americans and much more. Do you believe in mistletoe at Christmas? How about sending Valentine's Cards in February? Learn more about the traditions of love, and the spells that were said to attract a lover!

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g 100 Easy Tips for Stress Relief

Modern life is full of stress. There are deadlines to meet. Quizzes to take. Angry parents to soothe. It seems like everybody wants something from you. Here are 100 simple, easy ways to help manage your stress and anger levels.

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g Love Poetry

It's the romantic image found in classic movies, modern TV shows, and just about any romantic novel. The lovers lounge together in peace and relaxation, reading love poetry to each other. Share in the romance today!

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