Morning Yoga

I did my yoga under the umbrella today to stay in the shade. Here’s my view for meditation. Serene. Julie snoozed away. Apparently the birds know she’s deaf. A pair of titmice landed on the railing right above her, looked down at her, and sang their little hearts out. Maybe they were testing her. She just snoozed on. #namaste

I’ll note that I really wanted a green umbrella but Bob bought the red one because it was cheaper. So now he’s promised me we can paint it green. We tried bleaching it first. You can see that that didn’t work very well :).


yoga session

Enjoyed a wonderful yoga session on the back porch with Juliet at my side. So much to be grateful for. Then checked CNN and saw this article about a couple being stabbed simply because they were interracial. It’s a reminder that some people are still mired in hate. In a mentality of “us vs them.” Every day is an opportunity to show that we all deserve compassion, no matter who we are or where we come from.

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