lovely yoga practice today

I enjoyed a lovely yoga practice today. It helps me breathe and focus to prepare for the day ahead. Someone asked how I get so much done each week. The answer is that all seven days I begin with yoga, process my to-do list all day, and end with meditation. Every day. Have you done any yoga today? #Namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I was thinking again about the “Ant Incident” which must have happened ten years ago or so. It really has stuck with me. Let me recap.

I took weekly yoga classes at a local community center and often I arrived early. On this particular Thursday evening I was the first one there and rolled out my mat in the room. It was quiet. Restful. I sat on my mat. After a while I noticed a cute little ant confused by my mat. It was trying to go left-to-right but my mat was in the way. So I watched him. Heck, there was nothing else to do. He tried left. He tried right. I am a writer, what can I say. I started to encourage him. I started to envision his little ant family back at home waiting for him. I gave him tips. I imagined what he might say back to me. I gave him help. This ant was my buddy.

Finally the teacher arrived and put her mat in the corner. She came over to say hello.

I gleefully said, “Look! I have an ant buddy!”

She looked down, peered at him –


I was, I admit, in shock. And clearly this has stayed with me all those years since.

We should be mindful of all life around us. If we choose to eat meat, we should be grateful for the lives given for us. Heck, we should be grateful in general. But that little ant wasn’t trying to do harm. He was just trying to get to where he was going. And for a brief moment, I understood that.

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’m cranking hard on both art and writing projects. The Art-Poetry show is now live. The Mused Literary Review is done proofing. Dogwood Dilemmas is live. My palette is in for the palette show. Next up, work on a few friends’ book editing projects. And then some photo framing for a show hanging tomorrow. Using all parts of my brain is energizing! #Namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Every day is precious and, once gone, it is forever behind us. Treasure each day and what it offers. For example, today I had a long to-do list … and my son asked to come over for the evening. I put everything else aside and spent the evening with him. The rest will get done when it can. Treasure each opportunity. #Namaste

morning yoga routine

Happy Monday everyone! I just woke up & enjoyed my morning yoga routine. My daffodils are blooming in my pots, I’m energized, and now I’ve got a massive amount of tasks on my to-do list. One step at a time. First off, check up on all my various contact systems to ensure I’m up to date everywhere. What are you guys up to today? #namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’ve just sent my new Cinderella book 1 out to my beta-readers. If you’re interested in seeing a copy, let me know. It took me quite a while (nearly two years) to craft a personality for Cinderella that I liked. I just wasn’t keen on her traditional passive way of being. I’m open to polishing ideas on the cover and especially on the subtitle and series name. Those are definitely works in progress :). #Namaste

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