Yoga Routine

I tried to do my yoga routine but this lower back muscle pain is getting worse. It seems to be whatever muscle goes along the lower ribs in the lower right back area. If I try to bend over it has a shooting pain and loses its ability to hold my torso up, so I fold over, which can toss me over :). Not good. I’ve contacted my doc to set up an appt. Hopefully it heals on its own. I really don’t want it to be something requiring surgery to reattach!

Morning Yoga

I just did my morning yoga routine for the first time in two weeks. I’d been too busy with ‘important projects’ to take the time – but my neck, arm, and back had become so achy as a result! The pain was then impacting my ability to work on things and stay focused. I definitely need to do yoga daily to stay pain-free and to be at my best for all I want to get done.

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