Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. This evening I carefully took photos to create 300+ images of my friend’s ancestor’s Civil War letters. It was the safest way to document them. I’m honored to be a part of preserving history. The poor young man was killed at Antietam. It reminds us how brief and meaningful life is. Each day matters. #namaste

back porch yoga

I loved my back porch yoga with the birds & breezes. I then helped two friends with their books, and I’m now reviewing audio versions of my own books. It’s delightful to hear them read and brought to life! There are such talented narrators out there :). #namaste What are you guys up to today?

Here’s one of my audio books – I adore the way the narrator reads this! Let me know if you’d like to hear this one for free – I have a few free tokens.

Preening Peacock Cozy Zoo Mystery

Here’s another of my audio books. Again I just love this narrator 🙂

Lucky Cat Salem MA Mystery

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I had a great time meeting with my writing group for lunch, then it was the pot luck spring meeting of the Blackstone Valley Art Association for dinner. Bob made the cutest ladybug appetizers 🙂 They are grape tomatoes with olive heads on basil and mozzarella. #namaste

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