Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. It’s a day of blessings. I had a lovely dinner with my son, I finally traded in my 2004 Subaru for a more reliable 2007 Toyota Fit, and poor sick Julie the cat is eating better. She goes in for an ultrasound in the morning. I hope they figure out what’s wrong with her. #Namaste

Nap Yoga Pose

I stayed up all night cramming to get things done; now I’m past 24 hours awake. If I do yoga I’ll fall asleep the moment I do a floor pose. 🙂 I need to last 2 more hours to get a few more critical tasks done, then I’m going to sleep. Even if I wake up super-early tomorrow, that’ll be fine and get me in proper shape for Indie Author Day from 10-3 on Saturday! #namaste

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