Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. It was a lovely day. I spent time with my son, enjoyed macro photography at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, and worked on a new short story. A batch of my books that I loaded onto Amazon yesterday all sprung into life, like flowers in the spring :). Have a great weekend!

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Today was a very productive day (perhaps because I stayed inside and didn’t try to work on the porch 😉 ). I’ve published 6 new books on Amazon. After I meditate I’ll be working on getting a 7th live. All those steps add up! Join me in meditating – it builds focus and energy! #Namaste


A beautiful yoga routine on my back porch! This is a titmouse but there have also been cardinal babies with their dad, bunches of titmice, chickadees, downies, nuthatches, robins splashing in the birdbath, and a baby hummingbird who keeps coming over to stare at me. This is great for yoga but it’s going to make writing a real challenge :). #namaste


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