Cozy Mystery Zoo series

My poison ivy swollen foot is in pain from sitting for too long. I’m heading back to bed! I’ll curl up with my laptop and write book 8 in my Cozy Mystery Zoo series. It’s based on the trip down to Tampa with my sis, Jenn, to visit our other sis who just had a baby. Here Jenn is feeding a giraffe – it was tons of fun! What are you guys up to?

Copper Age during the Black Sea Deluge

Hurrah! I finally compiled my historical fiction short stories, set in the Copper Age during the Black Sea Deluge, into both an ebook box set and a paperback version. I know lots of you wait until I get the box sets done before you read, so you can read them all at once. They should be live shortly! If you’re interested in this one and would like a free set to review, let me know – this series doesn’t have a lot of reviews on it yet and could use some more. Thanks!

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