Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Every day I strive to challenge myself & think outside the box. It helps the brain stay engaged. For example, when people used to ask what I wrote, I would say “anything but horror”. And then I thought to myself, why define myself by a negative? I should just give it a try, and if that’s not a good fit for me, that’s fine. But I should at least try. It’s the trying new things that helps the brain build new connections. #namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I first tackled challenging personal projects today involving taxes & phones. I survived. I’m now editing a friend’s novel about how power corrupts – both figuratively and in the sense of controlling access to power grids. Fascinating work. #namaste

Millbury Barnes & Noble

Tomorrow’s the day! Sunday, April 30th, 2017 I’m signing books at 1pm at the Millbury Barnes & Noble at the Blackstone Valley Mall in Massachusetts – come on out! Share the news! Get your books signed and I’ll give you hints about what book 5 is all about! You can check out book 1 for free –


All author’s proceeds from this series benefit local women’s shelters.

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Both Thursday and today I dropped off art for upcoming art shows. One was on ‘flowers’ and the other on a ‘road trip’ theme. I love the creativity involved in themed shows; it’s so much fun to participate in these. And then Sunday is my book signing in Millbury! Come on out! Barnes & Noble, 1-3pm. #namaste

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