Two days ago Julie sat on my lap on the porch steps. Yesterday she came out of her carrier but Bob had to carry her to the steps. Today she stayed in her carrier so I brought it out to sit by my side. It’s the first day she hasn’t actively come out of it when she saw she could go outside. She sniffed at the air a bit and then went back to sleep. She is fading. We treasure each remaining day. #namaste


Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I had a wonderfully enriching day. My writing group met for the afternoon and I ran a workshop for my art group this evening on monoprints. Here is one in a series I created celebrating the diversity of our world. It’s an 8-inch round. If someone would like it for $5 plus shipping I’ll donate that money to Doctors Without Borders (charity rating of “A”) #Namaste


Morning Yoga

JulieTheCat helped me with yoga this morning – she slowly explored the yard and I did yoga poses as I walked with her. Beautiful foliage, too. Now I’ve brought her in and she is continually letting me know she deserves to be outside again :). But lots to do today. First up, finish applying for grants so I can run free “how to get published” seminars throughout the area, complete with free books. What are you doing today?


Evening Meditation Time

Evening meditation time. JulieTheCat is feeling much better! I had intended to do my taxes on the back porch while she slept, but instead she wanted me to take her for an hour-plus ‘wander’ in the yard – she loved it! She was sad when we had to go in. I’m so grateful she’s feeling better. #Namaste


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