Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I got a lot done today. I picked up art from one show for me and 2 other people, delivered it to another show, and stopped by a third shop to reorganize the art I had hanging there. Then I got home and did a bunch of much-needed cleaning. I finalized four different authors’ books for them and then created a compilation book for my writing group. I got a bunch of excess stuff listed on ebay/craigslist/etc. I even paused to treasure time with JulieCat who managed to wriggle out into the afternoon when I was taking some of those ebay photos. Every moment has its meaning and is worthy of treasuring. #Namaste

yoga in the grass

Julie snoozing in the back yard. She really wanted to go outside, and there’s only a few warm days left to autumn, so I did some yoga in the grass alongside her. Now it’s time for me to catch up on a few art-related tasks. This flu-thing is really slowing me down. What are you up to today? #Namaste


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