short story Cozy Mystery

I need a few eyeballs! I’m doing an editing round on my short story Cozy Mystery. If you’d like a free copy to give me feedback let me know! You don’t have to read books 1-6 first – it’s about a couple in their 50s, three 20-something girls, and a mystery they solve :). Let me know if you prefer MOBI EPUB or PDF. My narrator has already finished books 1-6 in this series and is eager to get started on it :).

gentle yoga session

I had a gentle yoga session today. I’m still not risking plank (i.e. push-up) pose but I can do the rest of my routine, including hula-hooping. I’m doing my best to be gentle with the injured toe. I’m hoping my toenail doesn’t fall off, maybe it can heal? The dark area has been slowly expanding over the past two weeks but seems to have stalled, and it almost seems as if it’s getting lighter in the center. Is that a good sign? Or do I have to resign myself to losing the nail? #namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’m in a sunflower art show at the Booklovers’ Gourmet in Webster (mine is the right photo) and it’s so wonderful seeing everyone’s styles. Bob had his sunflower featured in both the Smart Shopper and the Yankee Express – the square photo at the top. The show runs through Aug 31. What are you grateful for tonight? #namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Women with obesity who meditated just 6 weeks saw a significant decrease in fasting blood sugar levels (study from Obesity journal). It’s amazing how meditation can improve one’s health – and it’s free. Just sit and close your eyes. I’m sure it works for men, too :). #namaste

great yoga session

I had a great yoga session today. Did you know that yoga helps buffer against DNA mutations? Some practitioners remain healthy despite having genetic abnormalities. The Icahn Institute did a large study where they tested people for genetic issues. They found quite a number of people who seemed perfectly healthy but it turns out they had DNA mutations. It appears their yoga routine and healthy eating buffered them against their mutations “activating” and causing the disease. #namaste

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