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Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. A car just hit a pole two houses down from me. The impact shook the house – I grabbed my coat and went racing out. Thank God he’s OK. He had a solid SUV which crumpled around him and an airbag. It’s a powerful reminder to treasure every day. Every day is precious. #namatse

Today I’m grateful

Today I’m grateful I was born in a time when women were allowed to attend college, serve on a jury, and be heard. It wasn’t that long that women were barred from doing these things because their “brains couldn’t handle the challenge.”

What are you grateful for?

Many people say they fear failure

I’ve been talking with a friend about this recently. Many people say they fear failure. But actually, when it’s really looked into, the fear is more often of *success*. We know failure. We understand it. But success will bring change, the unknown, and push us out of our comfort zone. It’s easier to be where we are. As a result, people don’t take courses to learn new things. They don’t try new marketing ideas for their book or business. They don’t consider new ideas. They cling to what they have and plug along. Often they complain about where they are – but don’t really try changing.

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