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Nap Yoga Pose

I stayed up all night cramming to get things done; now I’m past 24 hours awake. If I do yoga I’ll fall asleep the moment I do a floor pose. 🙂 I need to last 2 more hours to get a few more critical tasks done, then I’m going to sleep. Even if I wake up super-early tomorrow, that’ll be fine and get me in proper shape for Indie Author Day from 10-3 on Saturday! #namaste

Morning yoga time!

Morning yoga time! Usually Juliet helps me but she’s been hit with yet another UTI, poor kitty. We had to run her to the vet last night (right in the middle of my final loading of medieval book 14 onto Amazon, so sheer chaos 🙂 ). She’s back on antibiotics & pain meds. This time we’re doing a full culture & bloodwork to narrow it down better. Hopefully she feels better soon! It’s rough being 17 1/2 years old but she hangs in there! #Namaste


Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’m about to begin a solid three day block of writing. I have several projects that need to get done and I will focus on those, including diner book 10 and a few others. Let’s see what intense focus can achieve! Try meditating for just five minutes. Even five minutes can bring renewed focus. #namaste

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