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great yoga session

I enjoyed a great yoga session while the cardinals & chipmunks explored the drizzly outside world. Plus tons of fun with my Hula Hoop. I love to hoop! I’m trying to figure out what songs match my hooping BPM. So far the songs have been either a tad too slow or too fast. I’ll narrow it down! #namaste

delightful yoga session

A delightful yoga session plus HulaHoop during the rain, and my new mouse is in! I can finally work with graphics again! I adore my Darkfield mouse but it lasts about 3 years with my heavy use. It was now past that point and was acting *really* flaky. Amazon Prime Day came to the rescue! #namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I made great progress today. I did yoga, house cleaning, worked on a book, and submitted three cyanotype works to an abstract art show. #namaste

Join me in a short meditation! It’s impressive how much meditation can help your health, focus, and energy. Just put on your favorite song and close your eyes while it plays.

great yoga session

I enjoyed a great yoga session today – my poison ivy foot gets better daily! I can pretty much do all my normal poses now, although it’s not quite as bendy as the left foot for downward dog and such. That’s ok :). It’s healing. Did you know that even football players use yoga for flexibility? Add a little bit of yoga to today’s routine! 🙂

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time – I had a great author event this afternoon at Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester. So grateful for the support of the authors in my group and for Annie’s for hosting us. They’re now carrying my Sutton mystery series! 🙂 #namaste

What are you grateful for tonight?

great yoga session

I just finished up with a great yoga session on a rainy afternoon. I love the rain, I find it quite soothing. Did you know yoga helps with better sleep? Invest in your health with a daily yoga routine! If you need help, I’ve got free books that get you on your way, and I’m always happy to answer questions. #namaste

full yoga routine

I enjoyed my full yoga routine plus some hula hoop time afterwards. My foot is continuing to heal! Hurrah! Now I’m sorting through the photos from my wonderful trip to the Peabody Museum of Native American history on Wed. Just all sorts of amazing items there. Highly recommended. I can use this material for two separate books – my book on Native American traditions and my next Art Theft Mystery book. Heck, plus I can add more details to my Wyoming series which features a pair of Native American heroines. #namaste

What are you up to today?

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