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Autumn Yoga

Autumn is definitely here – it was too chilly for me to do back porch yoga. I moved inside instead. It was great to stretch! Join me in a few simple ones to get those muscles moving. I’m still happy from my delightful Sunday with my son and his girlfriend at King Richard’s Faire. #Namaste


Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Today I spent a lovely day at an art festival. On one hand I could have been disappointed. I raced to get there early (for me) by 10am to get my & Bob’s photos submitted; it turns out they had to be in by 9am. So that was disappointing. But a minor hurdle and at least we got to be hung and seen with the rest. And on the great up-side, my good friend Bob E won both first AND second prize for his photography!! And not only that, but I’m the “ghost” in that 1st place image – we did that at Shaw Farm as a long-exposure project. #namaste


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