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yoga session

Enjoyed a wonderful yoga session on the back porch with Juliet at my side. So much to be grateful for. Then checked CNN and saw this article about a couple being stabbed simply because they were interracial. It’s a reminder that some people are still mired in hate. In a mentality of “us vs them.” Every day is an opportunity to show that we all deserve compassion, no matter who we are or where we come from.

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. A wonderful day. Began with yoga, had dinner with my son, and I’m now continuing to send out all the final alerts for the Mused Review deadline. I adore Mused. We help a wide variety of awesome artists find a large audience to appreciate their talents. Happy! #namaste


Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Today was fun! I enjoyed a great writing group at lunch, then attended a fun local art show & had dinner with fellow artists. I also submitted to a Street Photography art show. Now I’m nearly done with final edits on medieval novel 14. I’d love to have beta-readers for it; let me know if you’re interested! For now, though, join me in meditating! #Namaste


Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. Wow, what a whirlwind of a day and it’s not over yet. I have two different art shows to enter before midnight and my car is jammed full of art panels for tomorrow’s Canal Art Walk. I also got a ton of writing done. And even a little yoga! It all adds up :). Join me in some meditating! #namaste

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