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Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. We are all in this together. I am sometimes baffled how people could believe anything else. How in the world can people look down on others simply for having been born somewhere else or of a different skin color or gender or whatever. How can that really matter? “We shouldn’t care about them because of xxx”?? #namaste

Today I’m Grateful

Today I’m Grateful I’m normally healthy. My sunburn reminds me how challenging life could be with even a minor impairment that involves movement pain. I’ve been shying away from yoga until this heals a bit more, so I don’t exacerbate it. What are you grateful for today? #namaste

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. What a wild day. I began with near-zero sleep due to an out-of-the-blue ramped-up publishing requirement. I raced to an art/author festival and barely got there on time. While I was unpacking the car, I “lost” my car keys (put them on the car roof) and it took me an HOUR of searching before someone helpfully pointed them out to me :). And I ended up fiercely sunburned. Still, I met tons of cool people at the festival, sold some origami earrings, sold some books, got tons of compliments on my art (and on Bob’s) and am overall content with the result. I’ll just live the next few days swathed in aloe :). #namaste

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