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Today I’m Grateful

Today I’m Grateful that so many people are aware of Climate Change. Despite what one president may try to do, we can be heard & effective. Speak out to your reps. Also, just from a “mercenary” point of view – “Clean Power Plan Repeal Would Cost America $600 Billion, Cause 120,000 Premature Deaths” – so even if one was solely in this for the cash, this repeal is a poor choice for Americans (but a nice one for coal company owners)

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I just published books 1-5 in my new flood-myth Copper Age historical series. Now to take a bath and brainstorm about what happens next in the storyline. 🙂 If you’re still beta-reading the series, just send along your notes whenever you have them. I revise my books fairly continuously!

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