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Black Cat mysteries

Awesome news! The delightful Wicked Good Books bookstore in Salem MA has once again sold out of my Black Cat mysteries! I’m sending them more! I highly recommend, if you have a book with a local angle, that you develop a relationship with matching bookstores. It can be a win-win for both of you. Ask with any questions. I’m moving ahead with the audio book version of this series. I love the narrator I’m working with. ACX just makes it all so easy. Another must-do for any author with a story-style book. Again ask with any questions.

Black Cat Mystery Series on Amazon

FREE Finding Peace Today 6/11/17

FREE Finding Peace Today 6/11/17!! Elizabeth can run from her abusive ex-fiancé – But she can’t outrun the pain. Please share the news of the free promo!

I’m going to be at the Worcester Art Festival on Water Street from 12-5 for locals who can come out and say hi. In the meantime, if you guys could randomly check the Amazon ranking of Finding Peace during the day and post that ranking, that’d be a HUGE help. I’m running a BookBub ad today which can launch it high! 🙂

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cozy zoo mystery series

So stoked! My narrator for my cozy zoo mystery series just finished up with book 3. It’ll be live soon! If you haven’t heard her voice yet, be sure to check out the sample on book 1. I love her reading style! You can get the ebook version of book 1 for free to see what the story is all about. Then get the audio version to enjoy the readings!

Books 1-3 are all set at Massachusetts zoos.

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