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Weddings & Courtships Ireland

Happy Happy! I’m loading up a brand new entry for Weddings & Courtships Ireland into Amazon – the first step in enhancing it! :). This book had first been managed by a small-press publisher back in 2003 and I only “regained control” of it last fall. So I had to recreate it from an old PDF file as this first step. It should be live on Amazon by the end of the weekend! #ireland #irishlove


Forgive your Choices

Day 9 / Forgive your choices – this again seems similar to past days. I suppose the aim is to keep approaching issues from different angles until they’re resolved. The idea is it’s always easier to second-guess choices after the fact and after we know what happens. “In the moment” we can only do the best we can do. Accept that sometimes choices don’t work out well, that we try our best going forward, and take those new days one step at a time.
I do try to make good choice – but it’s sometimes hard to know. And sometimes there are just so many choices.

But, did you know, if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice? 🙂



Day 8 – Forgive Mistakes / Weaknesses. This seems the same as Day 1 but I suppose part of the point here is to keep working on “sticky points” to try to get better at them. So it’s probably good to do another round of working on forgiving your own weaknesses. We all have them, and it’s good to come to terms with them.

I think this is why it’s good to meditate on one’s blessings when one goes to bed, to remember just how much we have. The weaknesses seem less important then. Yes you want to work on them – if I’m weak in public speaking I want to practice. Still, I don’t need to beat myself up over it. I smile and keep trying.

Do you work on your weaknesses? Or gently accept them? Or let them bug you?

Forgive your Father

Forgiveness Day 5 – Yes, Forgive your #Father :). Dads have all sorts of bizarre expectations laden on them in our society. Tough & Gentle. There was a great SuperBowl commercial about a father leaping to save his child from all sorts of wild dangerous situations. We are trained to expect fathers to be that sort of superhero – always there, always protective, always dependable. The ultimate “Prince Charming”. But few humans could live up to that! Dads do the best they can in juggling a variety of challenges. I’m fairly at peace with that.

How about you?

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