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Destiny book #22

The Spice Must Flow! Oh, wait, I mean the Time must flow! I now have Destiny book #22 up and live! Hurrah! You guys waited a full year for me to get this series moving again, and now it’s chugging right along! Book 23 goes live tomorrow – read along with me!

Beauty and the Beast

Last night I read ‘Beauty and the Beast’, a collection of historic Animal Bride fairy tales and folklore. It’s a powerful topic full of some fairly disturbing stories. Many of them were meant to indoctrinate young women into the thought that it was their duty to sacrifice themselves in an arranged marriage with a brute of a husband in order to help their family.

This historical perspective is a good topic area to study. That being said, I have serious issues with the publisher marketing this as a “book of the movie” and making it seem as if the book is ABOUT the movie storyline (and suitable for kids to read on their own). Instead, the text is clearly aimed at highly literate adults, and the stories themselves should probably be read by parent-and-child together to discuss the historic context of them and why men are raping women, raping cows, raping … raping … oh, and killing. If, you know, she isn’t quite pretty enough.

Cinderella Fairy Tale series

Finally! Amazon published book 1 in my Cinderella Fairy Tale series. I’d love your thoughts on it! Book 2, on Snow White, was already live. Book 3, on Beauty, should be going live today. My release schedule has been greatly ramped up :).

And yes, I know I spelled “commemorate” wrong in the description. It’s been part of why I’ve been checking the listing hourly to get access to it, to edit it. So far I don’t have that edit button yet since it’s still in the initial load period.

What are you guys working on today?

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