Monthly Archives: December 2017

Do Yoga Every Day

Do Yoga Every Day – You don’t have to do a long two-hour yoga practice every day to get benefits. If your schedule is busy, just make time for ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. Even a few minutes of gentle yoga reaps wonderful benefits for your health. It impacts your immune system, your spine health, your levels of stress hormones in your system, and so much more.

My yoga practice today was fairly brief, as I have some pressing tasks to get done before end-of-day. Even that short time invested repays in dividends as everything else I do hums along at a solid clip.

Did you do any yoga today? Even a brief head roll? Make the time to invest in yourself!

Yoga with the Kittens

My kittens Zuzu and Felix helped with my daily yoga session today. They especially like walking beneath me when I’m doing plank pose and sticking their tail all over my face. This helps me practice my focus and breathing. Have you done any yoga yet today? Take five minutes to stretch! #namaste