Monthly Archives: September 2017

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. There are some people you just know, intuitively, you can trust in. Bob took us an hour by boat plus 30 min on foot deep into bear territory. He balanced the calmness in his soul and a rifle on his shoulder. He kept us safe so we could experience the beauty of the wilderness. I appreciate that immensely. Imagine what our world could be if everyone had that same combination of mindfulness and readiness. #namaste

Today’s yoga

Today’s yoga is a bit late – I got 3 hours of sleep, woke up very early for an art event, came home, and slept another 4 hours. Then, finally, yoga! I’ve been home two days and did my full yoga each day on nice, solid ground. Well, it sort of feels like it’s moving a bit but that will pass soon :). Tree pose is a bit tricky … but not as tricky as it was on the ship! Did you do your yoga yet today? Try a few head circles! #namaste

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