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great yoga session

I had a great yoga session today. Did you know that yoga helps buffer against DNA mutations? Some practitioners remain healthy despite having genetic abnormalities. The Icahn Institute did a large study where they tested people for genetic issues. They found quite a number of people who seemed perfectly healthy but it turns out they had DNA mutations. It appears their yoga routine and healthy eating buffered them against their mutations “activating” and causing the disease. #namaste

FREE Massachusetts murder mystery

I just made a minor tweak to my FREE Massachusetts murder mystery. One of the benefits of self-publishing is you can tweak for as long as you wish :). It’s loading live! I’ll give a free ebook of mine of your choice to any of the readers who have the existing copy, if they can spot what geographical mistake I made somewhere in chapters 1-10 :). It’s probably something only Suttonians would spot …

Yoga reminds us to be mindful

I tried rolling cat-cow for first time since my toe injury. My toe did ok! Yoga reminds us to be mindful and compassionate to ourselves. Every day is a blessing, just to be here. If my toe never learns to curl again, that’s all right. I’m just grateful it’s healing as best it can. What are you grateful for today? #namaste

great yoga session

I enjoyed a great yoga session this morning. Yoga provides a WEALTH of free health benefits. Find a way to get yoga into your daily routine! #namaste With all the uncertainty going on with our health care, it’s wise for each of us to do the very best we can to ensure our own health, especially if it’s wholly free to do so. Have you done any stretches today? Try some simple head rotations!

Lovely yoga session

Lovely yoga session. I’m still dealing with the foot injury, but every day helps a little bit. I need to keep the rest of me healthy. You probably knew that the act of frowning actively makes you less happy, but did you know that slouching also triggers the mind to be less happy? Find ways to sit up straighter! #namaste

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