Monthly Archives: June 2014


Somehow it’s already time for my 10pm #meditation – which probably means that I really need to meditate, to slow down and focus :).

… I’m still listening my way through the CD that came with my Iyanla Vanzant’s Forgiveness book. I liked the book a lot – the CD, not so much. There’s an odd difference in two of the audio forgiveness meditations. The “Mother” track was about releasing negative feelings – a good aim. Today’s “Father” track was more along the lines of, “it doesn’t matter if he was a jerk and never around. God was there doing his job. So don’t worry about your actual Dad. Just believe in God instead.” I found that really strange. Surely we should want to forgive both parents equally?

Cat Yoga

A busy day. Finally getting to post that yes, I had a yoga session on my back porch when I began. Julie snoozed in the shade by my side. It was just so peaceful. It was fairly hot out, though – I had to set up my yoga mat under the shade of the umbrella. And summer’s barely here!