Monthly Archives: May 2014

Meditate on Equality

Joyfully working on book 3 of my Sutton Mass series – tackling racial issues. I want to do my part raising these topics. May has been great in many ways for writing this, between the Clippers issues and the sadness of Maya Angelou passing away. Will meditate on equality.

Meditate on Life

Heading into 10pm meditation time! Today’s audio track is “I Forgive My Life”. Hmmm. This book must be working – this seems a fine topic. I am fairly content with my life and how it’s led up to here. Not everything was easy, but I learned and grew along the way.


Starting up my 10pm meditation. I’m working through the #Forgiveness book’s accompanying CD. Today is “I Forgive Myself”. #meditate The tracks are only 2-3 min long each so I figure each day I’ll listen to the track and then meditate on it.

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